I always wanted to get back to Hay to see Eugene after not seeing him for many, many years (way back in the 1990s––I think was the last time I was there)…

I do always think of him and smile. He’s one of those vibrant people that is easy to remember––his voice, his laugh, the way he moved, painted and the things he got excited about and wanted to share.
Not everyone sticks in the memory that well. If I could do anything on a rainy afternoon it would be to spend it sitting still being painted by him. It’s raining in New York today.
It’s all peaceful now. Rain dripping. The pile driving that was shaking the whole East Village all morning has stopped–-at least until tomorrow. Ugh!

I WISH I could be there to celebrate Eugene in Clyro but, alas, no way.
Please send my love and thoughts to anyone who remembers me.

I am really glad that I got to enjoy Eugene’s last book and that I DID get round to writing him a long letter after I had received it. So, that’s something.

I LOVE the photo of him and Lizzie that is on this web site.

Ah, I miss them both.

Many happy times around their table in Clyro with their cute animals.